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The War of the Heretics was a devastating conflict that ended the Golden Age and brought about the The Dark Times. According to the Dracoid Chronicles, it was a war of terrible power and destructive will, it was believed to have been initiated as a conflict between the most powerful ancients, it soon spread to all and the entire race of super-normal beings were annihilated.

In truth, much of the history of this period was destroyed on the orders of Emperor Ak'Salar, who felt great shame for his race's involvement in the conflict. An Ancient named Belial, who saw the Lands as little more then his plaything, attempted to sow chaos in the realm by gifting powerful weapons and magics to the Dracoid who used them to disastrous effect against the Huline. Sweeping across the Southern Continent, they built great cities and worshiped Belial as their god-hero, all the while enslaving and driving the Huline to near extinction. The council of Ancients decided that this meddling in the mortal world was beyond the pale, and for his crimes was sentenced to death, a punishment never before enacted amongst immortals. Anu, later known as the Draracle, was tasked with carrying out the sentence. In his dying breath, Belial promised to return again and wreak havoc upon the world once more. In the aftermath, the Ancients chose to leave the mortal plane in shame, but Anu decided to stay so that he could be a "guardian of destiny" should Belial's rebirth ever came to fruition.[1][2][3][4]

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