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The following is a walkthrough for Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos that outlines the main quest, as well as any side-quests or objectives:

Main QuestEdit

The Ruby of TruthEdit

After learning that Scotia has acquired the Nether Mask from the Urbish Mines, The Champion is tasked by King Richard with recovering the Ruby of Truth the Roland's Manor in the Southlands.

The DraracleEdit

Scotia has slipped past Gladstone's defenses and poisoned King Richard. The Champion, now with Baccata at his side, must now descend Mount Margor seek out the Draracle for answers to a cure.

Hero of the SwampsEdit

After finding out the Mathpasha, chieftain of the Gorkha, has come into possession of the Ruby of Truth after attacking a band of Orcs, he offer to give the Champion the Ruby in exchange for recovering the bronze Ceremonial Mask from the "Living Sticks".

Mouth of RuinEdit

Before leaving, Paulson mentioned going to the Urbish Mines to get to the bottom of all of this "Mask business". The Champion and Baccata must now also venture it's depths.

Elixir of TybalEdit

In order to cure the magical poisoning the inflicted King Richard, the Champion must acquire the ingredients to the Elixir of Tybal and the enchanted vessel in which to mix them in.

Keys to the ShroudEdit

Even with the Elixir and Ruby is hand, it will be all for nought unless the Champion and his party have the Keys entrusted to Richard's Royal Council in order to release the protective shroud that keeps him.

Siege of YvelEdit

After acquiring the Elixir, Geron Arbroath orders the Champion to find Mistress Dawn and bring her back to Yvel. Things soon go awry.

The Xeobs and The KnowlesEdit

After defeating the Dark Army and making their way through Catwalk Caverns, the party are met by a strange scene; two creatures - the martial Xeobs and the arcane Knowles - wish you to take a side in the ongoing war between their two races. Both offer riches, a title and, more importantly, a way inside Castle Cimmeria.

Castle CimmeriaEdit

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