Volcanic Caves 1 - Automap

The Volcanic Caves is a location in Lands of Lore III. A fiery inferno of lava pools and ancient magic, Copper must delve it's depths for the first piece of the Shining Path.

Map KeyEdit

  1. Portal Entrance
  2. First meeting with the The Draracle - if Copper is coming here for the first time, a portal will open behind him taking him to the Draracle's Cave
  3. Vulcan Staff; use a ranged attack to destroy the broken wall and jump across the ravine
  4. Stalactites; destroy to drains sections of the lava and progress
  5. Amber vein
  6. First Meeting with Morphera, Queen of the Dragons
  7. Sandcrusts
  8. Magnesium Stones
  9. Coco's Cap
  10. 5 Dragon's Blood
  11. Entrance to the Dragon City



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