The Volcanic Caves is a location in Lands of Lore III. A fiery inferno of lava pools and ancient magic, Copper must delve it's depths for the first piece of the Shining Path.

Map Key[edit | edit source]

  1. Portal Entrance
  2. First meeting with the The Draracle - if Copper is coming here for the first time, a portal will open behind him taking him to the Draracle's Cave
  3. Vulcan Staff; use a ranged attack to destroy the broken wall and jump across the ravine
  4. Stalactites; destroy to drains sections of the lava and progress
  5. Amber vein
  6. First Meeting with Morphera, Queen of the Dragons
  7. Sandcrusts
  8. Magnesium Stones
  9. Coco's Cap
  10. 5 Dragon's Blood
  11. Entrance to the Dragon City

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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