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The Thomgog are a race of large, scaly-skinned, four armed beings and one of the four Ascendant Races. The most well-known and prominent member of this race was Baccata, a Talamari mage of Gladstone who serves as Dawn's apprentice/bodyguard and Kieran's companion during the Nether Mask Conflict.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Thomgogs are covered in a rough yellowish-brown hide and have four arms, which can operate independently. They lack any discernible nose, ears, neck or body hair of any kind, although some thomgog have a bony ridge that goes down the middle of their heads while others do not possess this trait. Each hand contains four fingers and their feet have three toes. Their eye color ranges from bright red to deep green and soft blue. They possess great strength which in addition to their extra arms makes them highly regarded as warriors, as they can wield several weapons and/or shields at once. They have green blood, as evidenced by their appearance when grievously wounded. Due to the bulk of their fingers, they cannot wear most rings.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Thomgog pride themselves on their cult of mysticism and philosophy of universal brotherhood. When a Thomgog "dies" the "soul" leaves the dead body, becomes a "seed" that takes root in fertile soil, and about a year later reincarnates into a new, young Thomgog. The full details of Thomgog reproduction is one the the Great Mysteries of the Lands, but it's enough to know there's no way to actually kill a Thomgog, simply reincarnating with a new body. Scholars believe this is why Thomgogs developed such forgiving natures and philosophical lifestyle. The reasonable and enormously patient Thomgogs are valued throughout the Lands as diplomats, negotiators and arbitrators.[2] Despite this, they have an equally aggressive nature which makes them ill-suited to the practice of magic and few of them ever become mages.[3]

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