Siege of Yvel

Cabal Warriors and Great Orcs descending the streets of Yvel

The Siege of Yvel was a decisive battle that occurred during the later half of the Nether Mask Conflict. It resulted in a devastating defeat for the Dark Army and crucial victory for the forces of Gladstone and Yvel.


After the Champion, Baccata and Paulson acquired the Elixir of Tybal from the White Tower, they were sent by Geron Arbroath to find the mystic Dawn and bring her to the City of Yvel. On the road back to Opinwood, she appeared, claiming her carriage driver Droek had been killed and that she required her key to King Richard's shroud back. In truth it was Scotia, who took her guise after killing the driver and taking the real Dawn hostage. Upon their return, they discovered the forces of the Dark Army having already laid siege, reaching the inside the city walls by way of the Catwalk Caverns and handedly defeating the local militia. While Jeron cowardly barricaded himself with the rest of the city council, the champion and his compatriots battled against the dark forces and with incredible luck and skill turned back the tide against the armies of evil. The battle won, they followed the trail back to a secret entrance beneath Bruno's Lodge, where they discovered the commander Frendor and first envoy Mylek, along with the traitorous royal blacksmith Victor Glaston. After unsuccessfully attempting to sway the heroes to the dark path, they were defeated and the fight was then taken to Castle Cimmeria, where the witch Scotia was then confronted and ultimately killed.[1]



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