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"Beware King Richard! You will pay for your lack of vision!"

Scotia (real name Margarithe Fiston) was a powerful witch and arch-sorceress of the Dark Army. She died at the hands of the Champion during the events of The Throne of Chaos. The protagonist Luther of Guardians of Destiny is her son.


Scotia was the first mortal in 18 century to gain control of a major magic artifact - the Nether Mask - which allows its user to shapeshift at will.[1] Shortly before her death, she attempted to transfer the power of the ring to her son Luther, but instead ended up cursing him to involuntarily shapeshift between a Beast and Lizard creature without warning.

By GameEdit

The Throne of ChaosEdit

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The ChampionHmm, what would a beautiful young woman be doing on a road like this?

Lady BirdExcuse me lad. Are you with King Richard? I need to get into the Keep, and I have forgotten the password. May I go in with you?

The ChampionI am sorry Miss, but these are dangerous times!

Lady Bird (Leaving): Timid fool! I will not forget you!

Shape-Shifted Creatures/Characters Edit

  • Young Lady
Form To Hit Dodge Attack Speed Magic Armor Factor Hit Points Experience
Human 100 50 100 200 50 300 1000
Toadulus 150 75 100 100 50 250 200
Serpentis 150 85 150 100 45 350 500
Executioner 175 90 175 150 60 n/a 1000

Guardians of DestinyEdit

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The Throne of ChaosEdit

Guardians of DestinyEdit

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