"Be silent. Be still. You must comply. You must follow. The portals are our gateway. You are required. We will use the portal to bring you back to the Hive. You will be slaves. You will be cattle. There will be no escape. There will be no failure. We will bleed you, and your world, dry."


The Ruloi (also spelled Ru-Loi) are a race of strange, flying, parasitic beings from another realm and powerful enemies encountered in Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny and Lands of Lore III.

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A glyph taken from the Ru-Loi homeworld

The Ru-Loi are tall, thin and covered from head-to-toe in pulsing red markings. Their flesh is a deep purple color and have large black eyes with no discernible ears or mouth. Despite this, they possess they ability to communicate through telepathy, even capable of possessing the minds of lesser beings. These powers of the mind extend to levitation, which appears to be their preferred method of mobility. They are adept with other forms of magic, casting hostile plasma-based spells while hovering from range.

The Ru-Loi are not natives to the Lands and have no affinity for the other races who dwell there, routinely taking them captive and enslaving or preforming vile experiments upon them. They invaded the Southern Continent sometime after the ascendance of the Ancients. Ru-Loi have a caste system, with drones representing the bottom rung. There level of technology far surpasses any other mortal race, able to regenerate their physical forms upon death indefinably, and are born from egg pods.

Luther must make his way to their citadel located deep in the Claw Mountains to recover the dreamstone required to access the Ancient Huline Temple, and Copper LeGre must visit their Homeworld to close the portal and recover the missing shard from the Shining Path.

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  • It is heavily implied that the Ru-Loi are extraterrestrials.

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