Rift Hound
Rift Hound Journal

"Rift Hounds. Great slobbering beasts, they usually exist only in the chaotic gaps between dimensions. I fear they have stolen your soul!"


Rift Hounds are creatures in Lands of Lore III. They first appear during the initially cutscene, killing Eric along with his two sons Mark and David before turning to Copper, with the attack resulting in the lost of his soul. They are encountered again as enemies after Copper retrieves the second Shard from the Frozen Wastes roaming around the Gladstone Woods and again in force on the final confrontation with Jakel in the Draracle's Lair.

A Summoning Stone, when used, will summon a rift hound to fight on behalf of Copper, but turns hostile if no other enemies are left.


Denizens of the Spaces Between, the hounds have somehow been released by the recent departure of the Draracle. Supernatural creatures, the hounds exist in both the physical and spiritual realms. As a strange byproduct of this duality, the souls of their prey are torn free during the attack. It is a rare occurrence that their victims escape after a partial feeding. Such an occurrence would leave the body relatively unharmed, and the soul torn free, wandering through the ether until recovered, or collected by some other force. Without being reunited with it's soul, the unfortunate victim would soon die.



  • A rift hound's skull is displayed prominently on the Lands of Lore III box cover art and desktop shortcut.


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