Rick "Coco" Gush was a developer for Westwood Studios who produced Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos and wrote extensively for Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny and Lands of Lore III.


Rick Gush studied theater in college and was a musical comedy playwright before joining Westwood. Prior to that, he had never played video-games before but immediately feel in love with making computer games and has been in the industry for thirty years now. He described the experience thusly:

"When my plays would be performed, we'd get a few local critics who showed up and wrote reviews. In contrast, at Westwood, we'd get games journalists from around the world coming to our offices every week. It was pretty freakin cool to be able to reach such a wide audience."

Gush currently lives in Rapallo, Italy as a painter, sculptor and writer for American agricultural magazines.


  • The Coco's Cap item found in Guardians and III is a reference to him.

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