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"I have need of a champion. Who among you will volunteer to serve me in this matter?"

King Richard LeGrey or LeGré is the ruler of Gladstone, 76th heir to the throne, leader of the White Army, and major character throughout the Lands of Lore series.


Richards eagle

Richard's symbol, the eagle

By Game[]

The Throne of Chaos[]


Introduction cutscene:
Geron Arbroath: My liege, it is as we feared. Scotia has uncovered the temple and will have the Nether Mask soon.
Richard: We must be ready for her. She will come here first.
Geron: But Richard, what worry have we here at Gladstone? Surely we can arrange a defense against any charade.
Richard: The Mask is not a toy! The time has come and I have no choice. I must destroy her now!

Starting a new game:
Richard: I have need of a champion. Who among you will volunteer to serve me in this matter?
If the player takes too long in choosing the Champion:
Richard: Well? Have you decided?
After choosing the Champion:
Richard: Excellent! Settle your affairs and attend me in the Throne Room for instructions.

Meeting the King in the Throne Room:
Richard: I tell you we must march with whatever troops can be gathered locally.
Geron: Isn't Eric mustering his White Army? Have we lost all confidence in our own military capabilities?
Richard: Eric is the finest commander in the kingdom, but he is a five-days march from here!
Dawn: As long as we have our own magic, I really don't see where we need more than the defenses we already have in place.
Richard: Scotia is not an adversary to be taken lightly. Ah, [Champion]. Because of the threat of Scotia, I have an urgent need for the Ruby of Truth. Please, retrieve it from Roland's estate in the Southland and return it to Gladstone. Here is a key to my private library. Among the books, you will find a Magic Atlas, that should be of assistance on your journey.
Geron: Come by my office before you leave the keep, I'll give you a writ that will identify you as being on official business for his Highness.

After curing Richard in Castle Cimmeria:
Richard: I can tell by the foul stench that I must be in Cimmeria.
Paulson: Yes, my liege.
Richard: It appears that I owe you all a debt of gratitude. But, it must wait. What of Scotia? Has she been vanquished?
Baccata: Scotia is said to be in the castle. But how shall we defeat her? She has changed form to thwart us on many occasions.
Richard: Take this ring, the Shard of Truth. Legend says that only Truth can reveal the Nether Mask and foil the hag. I am too weak to join your group. I would merely slow you down.
The Champion: Your Highness, how shall you defend yourself?
Richard: If you could spare a weapon, I would be grateful.
If the Champion gives a weapon to the King:
Richard: Thank you, [Champion]. You are a noble subject.

After The Defeat of Scotia and The Return of King Richard:
Richard: Congratulations!
Richard: You have served me well.
Geron: A luckier adventurer Gladstone never saw!
Dawn: It has been a pleasure serving with you.




Meeting with King Richard

Jeron: Guards! Stop this man!
Jeron:! How did you get in here?
Copper: I understand my uncle is here, and I'm going to see him. Somebody has to tell him about these portals! The leaking from these other dimensions could destroy the kingdom!
Jeron: I'm sorry. Eric, whom you claim as your supposed father, was a great citizen, but that does not give every bastard claimant the right to barge in here and disturb his highness! Besides, a more credible rumor says your so-called portals are nothing more than the work of the ever present sorcerers of the Dark army. And if then we are about to again go to war, we do not have time to explore every strange phenomenon that some farmer saw!
King Richard: Jeron.
Jeron: Yes, my liege.
King Richard: Is that my nephew Copper I hear out there?
Jeron: He was just leaving sire.
King Richard: Nonsense! Send him in!
Jeron: Two minutes, and don't bother him with your wild theories about other dimensions!
King Richard: Copper, please come in. Don't mind Jeron, he's jealous of the time it takes to see everybody that wants to see me.
Copper: No problem there, but there are some other things I am hoping to discuss with you.
King Richard: Oh, and before I forget, my condolences on your loss. You and I are the only surviving members of the LeGre Clan now you know.
Copper: Yes, well, they were all your relatives too. My condolences to you sir, on the loss of your brother and nephews.
King Richard: Thank you. Eric was more than brother he was a special friend to me.
Copper: Now, about these portals. I've talked to the Draracle, and he says I've got to find the missing broken pieces of his Shining Path mirror in order to close the portals that are leaking into our dimension.
King Richard: The Draracle has always been confusing. Perhaps your interpretation is in error.
Copper: Have you talked to Dawn?
King Richard: No, I have not had the opportunity since my return here to Gladstone.
Copper: I think she'll support me on this portal thing. This is a very dangerous phenomenon, and I'd think Gladstone would like to help save itself.
King Richard: I wish it were that simple Copper. I don't just sit up here and decide each day what we should do. Gladstone's actions are planed, discussed, and acted upon with the full assent and cooperation of all the various administrators, and governmental functionaries. Any action must be discussed beforehand.
Copper: Well, could you discuss it with whomever then, and hurry up? I really do think we're in some horrible danger here.
King Richard: Discuss it we will copper. I've a few more issues to handle here now, and I'll get Dawn and Jeron to fill me in on the details. Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this.
Copper: I really do appreciate your kindness towards me, but please sir, the more urgency you can summon, the better.
King Richard: Well, since you are my nephew, I suppose I will take what you are saying seriously. I'll spread the word to assemble the army, just in case.
Copper: Thank you sire, and Gladstone also will thank you for being prepared.
Jeron: Sire? Are you through? We do have pressing business.
King Richard: I supposed you're right.
King Richard: Well, goodbye for now Copper, but return soon. I'll prepare the army, but I'd like to be kept abreast of your progress as well.
Copper: I will sir. Thank you.
Jeron: Come along, I'll show you out.
Jeron: You had your meeting with the king, now get out!

In his battle tent

King Richard: Copper. You were right. The Dark Army was not our principle threat. These strange legions are overwhelming us. We have not trained to fight these new creatures.
Copper: Are you injured badly? Let me see what I can do for you.
King Richard: No, Brother Josiah and Mistress Dawn have both been here, and are returning soon. They will treat my wounds. You must continue your work of closing the portals. We cannot long survive of further corruption and new infestations plague us.
Copper: There's only one shard still missing, but I'm not sure what else will be required after that.
King Richard: You must press on. Here. take this writ. Show it to Jeron, and he will give you access to my private library and armory. Please avail yourself of anything that you need. Have Jeron also issue you an funds that you may require for equipping yourself.
Copper: Thank you sir. I appreciate your support in this matter.
King Richard: It is Gladstone that appreciates your efforts, nephew. The fragile line that patriots have so frequently drawn in the sand is all that separates Gladstone from the abyss. Without your kind we would have packed up the tents long ago, and Gladstone would be remembered only as a wide spot in the forest.
King Richard: The deeds of heroes are tempered in the flames of time and produce the legends that encourage us all in troubled times. The odds are against us today, but who could consider surrender while the memory of our great past lives on?
King Richard: Who among us could say that Kieran's efforts were in vain? Who here today will be the first to say that Sir Vincent and his noble steed might as well have left their lonely post? Can anyone so quickly forget the deeds of Luther?
King Richard: The answer is no, and will always be no, during peace or times of hardship and adversity, for as long as the deeds of our heroes shine brightly and illuminate the path before us, Gladstone will live on, strong and proud!
King Richard: So go now Copper, and carry forward the future of our nation on your broad and most worthy shoulders!

After the Portal Crisis

King Richard: Any news of Copper?
Dawn: No my lord. I fear the worst.
King Richard: They tell me Gladstone is saved, and that we should rejoice.
King Richard: It is a cruel price that we pay for the victory, having once again cast our best before the flames.
King Richard: Could not the blood of our valiant warriors have been better used?
King Richard: Would not their friendships have enriched us all? And would not their full lives have improved our land in many other ways?
King Richard: But it is not to be.
King Richard: We did not win today. We did not save Gladstone.
King Richard: Today we lost what Gladstone might have been.

Post-credits pig hunt

King Richard: This pig hunt is indeed a LeGre family tradition. I will teach you, as your grandfather taught your father and I. The Wild Boar is a most noble opponent, and only by the most diligent effort can he be brought to bay...