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"I have need of a champion. Who among you will volunteer to serve me in this matter?"

King Richard LeGrey or LeGré is the ruler of Gladstone, 76th heir to the throne, leader of the White Army and major character throughout the Lands of Lore series.


Richards eagle

Richard's symbol, the eagle


The Throne of ChaosEdit

Starting a new game:
Richard: I have need of a champion. Who among you will volunteer to serve me in this matter?
If the player takes too long in choosing the Champion:
Richard: Well? Have you decided?
After choosing the Champion:
Richard: Excellent! Settle your affairs and attend me in the Throne Room for instructions.

Meeting the King in the Throne Room:
Richard: I tell you we must march with whatever troops can be gathered locally.
Geron: Isn't Eric mustering his White Army? Have we lost all confidence in our own military capabilities?
Richard: Eric is the finest commander in the kingdom, but he is a five-days march from here!
Dawn: As long as we have our own magic, I really don't see where we need more than the defences we already have in place.
Richard: Scotia is not an adversary to be taken lightly. Ah, [Champion's name]. Because of the threat of Scotia, I have an urgent need for the Ruby of Truth. Please, retrieve it from Roland's estate in the Southland and return it to Gladstone. Here is a key to my private library. Among the books, you will find a Magic Atlas, that should be of assistance on your journey.
Geron: Come by my office before you leave the keep, I'll give you a writ that will identify you as being on official business for his Highness.

After curing Richard in Castle Cimmeria:
Richard: I can tell by the foul stench that I must be in Cimmeria.
Paulson: Yes, my liege.
Richard: It appears that I owe you all a debt of gratitude. But, it must wait. What of Scotia? Has she been vanquished?
Baccata: Scotia is said to be in the castle. But how shall we defeat her? She has changed form to thwart us on many occasions.
Richard: Take this ring, the Shard of Truth. Legend says that only Truth can reveal the Nether Mask and foil the hag. I am too weak to join your group. I would merely slow you down.
Champion: Your Highness, how shall you defend yourself?
Richard: If you could spare a weapon, I would be grateful.
If the Champion gives a weapon to the King:
Richard: Thank you, [Champion's name]. You are a noble subject.



The Throne of ChaosEdit




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