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The Racial Wars, also known as the Expansion Wars or The Time of Tears, refers to the millennium after the Time of the Great Travelers marked by a long series of wars. The first one was a minor war which drew out the different races and brought them in contact, communication and trade with each other.

The history of the Lands during that era was so chaotic, with territories lost and gained frequently. Some races were migrated or completely transplanted to other Lands. Other tribes were completely wiped out.

Ultimately acceptance of other cultures ended the wars, but not before much knowledge was lost. This era was the basis for the White Alliance, forged by the four Ascendant Races: Human, Dracoid, Huline and Thomgog. This alliance established dominion over the lands and a new era of peace was ushered in.

However, dark magic had been loosed during the wars, finding it's home in the Dark One, and for the next three generations the Dark Army would seek to destroy Gladstone in the Dark Army Wars leading up to the events of Nether Mask Conflict.[1][2]

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