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"The Prophecy of Belial did not mention that the human would be so stupid!"

The Prophecy of Belial is a text recorded by the ancient Huline of the Dracoid palingeneic myth concerning the resurrection of their nation's god-hero, the Ancient Belial.

Translations[edit | edit source]

Upon attempting to translate part of the prophecy from the runes copy found in the Huline Ruins of the Hive Caves, Brother Julian concludes that it's all garbled and makes no sense, but manages to transcribe the following:

"Ancient spirits await the death of their children." or "Children await the birth of their father."

The mystic Dawn, with her copy of the runes, describes the text as seeming to concern guilt and renewal, and reads:

"The promise of spring erases the shame of winter."

She notes that this is a Dracoid reference, and surmises that they must be awaiting a rebirth of somekind, but is unclear as to how it relates to Luther's curse.

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