For the human character with a similar name, see Philip (Human).

"Good luck and happy hunting, my friends."

Phillip is a fletcher living and working in Yvel City at the Yvel City Fletcher. He has bows for sale and spends his time stringing arrows using the feathers collected from his pet hawk.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Entering Yvel Fletcher:
Philip: Ah, customers! You are a welcome sight, lads! Since the [sic] Scotia moved into the dark castle, things in Yvel have been a mite grim.
The Champion: We, as well, are glad to see you sir!

Approaching Philip:
Philip: The getting of the feathers 'tis the hardest part!
Philip: They always complain so loudly!

Approaching the Crow:
Crow: *caw*

Asking for the arrows:
Philip: A full supply goes with every bow sold.

Asking for the Crossbow "Swift":
Philip: You have a good eye for value! 300 crowns!

Asking for the Arbalest:
Philip: Ah, that's a fine arbalest! I'll only be charging you 300 silver!

Asking for the Peregrin Great Bow:
Philip: There is no fooling you lads, is there? 'Tis the best item in my shop. 225 crowns!

Asking for the other Bows:
Philip: I can't be selling you that now, can I?

Selling a random item (accepted):
Philip: I'll take that off your hands for # silver crowns.

Selling a random item (unaccepted):
Philip: Now why would I be payin' for that worthless junk?

Interacting with the spindle on the table:
Philip: I go through three of these on a good day.

Interacting with the window:
Philip: Careful, that glass work is worth a fortune.

Interacting with the Lantern :
Philip: If my window was a bit brighter, I wouldn't be needin' that.

Leaving :
Philip: Good luck and happy hunting, my friends.

Philip: Have you a need for my stock?
The Champion: We will browse a bit again if you don't mind.

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