Peter's Note

Peter's Note is a quest item in Lands of Lore III.


This simple note is marked with the seal of Dame LeGre. Common.
This message has no special properties.
This note is clearly written in the hand of that shining star of nobility, Dame LeGre.


My darling Jeron,

Soon we will be released from this pit of vipers and traitors. Your plan to acquire the jewels of Gladstone is brilliant and surely blessed. Who in the kingdom is more deserving then you and I? Our families are easily the oldest and most well respected in the realm and you are noble Geron, dedicated councilor for the past three decades, actual ruler of the kingdom. If in this chaos and threatened succession, who in history would be able to blame us if we act to move away from this corrupted spot? Flee with me, my love, and bring the jewels. We will found a new Gladstone by ourselves. I await our rendezvous in the woods.

Your devoted servant, Carmen LeGré



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