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"Shh! Did you hear something? If Scotia does attack, they say we won't hear a thing! Quickly now, point out what you need."

Finch Nathaniel is the resident healer of Gladstone Keep who runs the Royal Herborium and is a member of the King Richard's Royal Council.

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The Throne of Chaos[edit | edit source]

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The Throne of Chaos[edit | edit source]

At the Royal Herborium in Gladstone Keep:
Nathanael: Shh! Did you hear something? If Scotia does attack, they say we won't hear a thing! Quickly now, point out what you need.

Interacting with Nathanael:
Nathanael: They say the Ruby and the Shard are the only means of opposing the Nether Mask.

Interacting with the salve:
Nathanael: That salve is a secret Gorkha recipe for healing. That is a 20 crowns donation.

Interacting with Ginseng:
Nathanael: I prescribe ginseng to neutralize poisons and soothe injuries . Would you like to buy a root? That is a ten crowns donation.

Interacting with Aloe:
Nathanael: That's Aloe. Rub the leaf on wounds to heal them! Would you like to buy a leaf? Five crowns.

Interacting with the shelves:
Nathanael: Those are only experimental ingredients.

Trying to sell a pharmacopoeia item:
Nathanael: Sorry, donations are not refundable.

Trying to sell a random item:
Nathanael: Thank you but we only accept coins as donations.

Nathanael: Farewell then.

Nathanael: Did you forget something?

After Richard's poisoning:
Nathanael: All my potions are for naught!
Nathanael: I knew it! This is indeed Gladstone's darkest hour.

III[edit | edit source]


Finch Nathaniel: Who are you spying for? Are you with Dawn, or do you side with Lord Jeron?
Copper: Oh, I respect them both highly. With whom do you side, if I may ask?
Finch Nathaniel: Oh? Do you think you can trick ,e into saying? The portal fiends will soon be here, you know, and then a man will need as many friends as he can find, so I prefer not to say anything.
Copper: Okay, okay, I was jsut making conversation anyway. Now, can you tell me why you can't sell to me?
Finch Nathaniel: You must have your name placed on the royal list. I am the royal herbalist. Not just anyone can have the privileges of our trade. Not that it will matter, once those rogues from their infantry get ahold of us!
Copper: I am Copper LeGre, the King's nephew. Does that make any difference? Finch Nathaniel: Oh, you're trouble, that who you are. I'd almost rather take on the flying Ruloi Warriors than be your friend.

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