"Please, be at ease. Despite the dearth of shelves rest assured - this is a place of business. Tell me, what supplies do you require? Antiquities? Jewelry? I am...
a trader. I can get you anything you want."

Mauri is a Huline "businessman" (aka thief). He initially resides in the cellar of the Thieves' Den in the Huline Village, and later at a Tavern in Lower Gladstone.

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Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny[edit | edit source]

In exchange for killing Kelsrick, he will steal the enchanted blade Great Sword Firestorm from Kit'yara. Should Luther get into trouble with the guard and is unable to leave out of the village gates, he will offer access to his secret escape tunnels below, though if he has not completed the task of killing Kelsrick, this will not come without it's own price.

Lands of Lore III[edit | edit source]

Copper may encounter Mauri in the Lower Gladstone tavern owned by Rosalinda. When asked about the portals, he will only respond that he has nothing to do with them and seems hesitant to continue speaking further on the matter. He's possess an Ornamental Long Sword, Light Crossbow and the Skull Key, a powerful artifact for any aspiring lockpicker.

If Copper hasn't discovered the location of the Thieve's Guild before speaking to him, he'll mark the location on his map and give him the Skull Key to sell to them, although Copper is under no obligation to and can keep the key for himself.

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  • He is portrayed and voiced by Christopher Neiman.
  • He is 35 years of age.[1]
  • If Luther touches the gold coins or crate of swords, Damon will appear, and if Luther continues to touch these items, the bodyguard will point his crossbow forcing Luther to leave. If Luther tries to attack Muari, he will use said crossbow, killing Luther instantly.
  • His named is spelled "Muari" in the Guardians of Destiny game-guide, but "Mauri" in III's journal.

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