"Hello sir. I am Luther, from Gladstone. Perhaps you are aware of the curse I bear?"

Luther Fiston is the son of Scotia and protagonist of Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny. Due to a curse upon him, he will involuntarily transform between a Beast and a Lizard.


Luther Hologram


Luther was born to his mother and father, a prominent local landowner. During the early stages of the Dark Army Wars, his father was slain by a raiding party as he accompanied the wagons to market along Gladstone's main road. His mother became enraged, blaming the lax security of Gladstone for the loss of her husband, as well as nursing a long-held hatred for King Richard after he spurned her romantically earlier in life. Turning enthusiastically to the dark side, she rejected the name Margarithe Fiston and took the name Scotia, burying herself in studies of the dark and magical arts.

Halfway through his teens, Luther kicked casually at the weeds for a year or so, but then left the farm and the unpleasantness of Gladstone to seek his fortune elsewhere. His mother Scotia proved a good student, and soon her magical skills and unswerving hatred for Gladstone earned her the respect of all the Dark Army. She reigned supreme as the most powerful sorceress of her time.

Shortly before Scotia's death at the hands of the Champion of Gladstone Kieran, she attempted to send the Nether Mask to her son through magical means. Instead of arriving in his hands however, the mask merged with his flesh, cursing him with uncontrollable metamorphoses. The Gladstone guards proceeded to throw him into the Keep's dungeons for the crimes of his mother, despite no ambitions beyond bringing in the next harvest, very little in the way of magical talent and certainly none of his mother's pathological hatreds. After a careless drunken guard provoked him, he transformed into his beast form and summarily killed him, before again quickly transforming into the lizard form, escaping out of the palace gate and making his way to the Draracle's Cave. Pursued by the head of the guards Kenneth, they followed after him until he made his way to The Draracle, who ordered the guards to stand down, asking Luther to approach him. Luther pleaded for a way to remove the curse placed upon him and the Draracle directed him to the Huline Jungle of the Southern Continent where he may find his answer.[1][2][3]


Behind the ScenesEdit


  • Luther is portrayed by Paul Bastardo and voiced by Sean Masterson.
  • He is 5'11" tall and 26 years of age.[4]
  • Luther cannot swim. He can wade through sections of water that are not too deep, but if he wades into deep water, or even if he crouches in shallow water, he can drown himself.



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