Lake Dread is a large lake in the Northlands, bordering on Gladstone.


The kingdom of Gladstone was originally founded long ago as a remote fishing camp on the shores of Lake Dread. The business of preparing and selling dried cod proved quite profitable with farmers, merchants and other adventurers traveled for many miles to gather together at the lake each fall. Gradually, several families began arriving at the lake a few weeks earlier, and then others stayed on for months after the harvest, until, after a few decades, there was a year round settlement established.

The climate was regular and the soil was good and deep in the nearby valleys. In time, the ancient caravan trading rout looped its way north to take advantage of the bustling settlement. Great profits were made buying and selling the dried fish and produce from the region. Schools of freshwater cod, drawn by their annual breeding instinct to the mouths of the rivers feeding into the lake, were harvested with huge seine nets pulled ashore by teams of donkeys and oxen.[1]

The kingdom of Memlar attempted to tax the people of Gladstone disguised as fisherfolk and upon discovery, were consequently beaten to death by the enraged mob with dried fish.[2]

After the fall of Gladstone Keep to Dark Army forces, the Champion and Baccata were forced to take a boat across Lake Dread in hopes of reuniting with Dawn and the rest of the Royal Council in Opinwood.

By the events of the Portal Crisis, the city of Gladstone had expanded and metropolized, with Lake Dread now walled in with Lower Gladstone's docks taking up much of the northern half of it. Wharf Rats and Bandits plague the sewers and inner harbor.




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