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"Strength, magics... what good is it all if you can't dodge blows? I'm fast! Quick! Go with these lodestones if you plan to plod along. But if you want to win this quest, better pick me."

Kieran is a Huline rogue and potential main character in Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos. Specialized in dexterity, while having lower stats than other champions, Kieran has a higher evade chance. He is considered the canonical Champion.


Kieran, the Huline, is potentially the most powerful of all of the champions. His skills must be more carefully developed, however. Hulines are exceptionally quick. Kieran will learn to strike nearly twice as fast as the other champions. Take some time and develop Kieran's skills. He is quite capable if given enough training. If you are looking for a champion that can outwit and outmanoeuvre his opponents, Kieran's the one.[1]



  • Magic - 6
  • Protection - 8
  • Might - 8

Inventory Edit

The following is equipment Kieran starts out with when initially recruited:





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