"Step lively lad, 'tis no pig today - we are hunting Scotia's beast-boy!"

Kenneth is captain of the Gladstone guards and minor antagonist to Luther in Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny.

Background[edit | edit source]

After Luther's escape from Gladstone Keep, Kenneth leads chase after the would-be fugitive. Having been in uniform forty-two years now, he has no desire to outlive his term in the guard or risk a court marshal, even if that means bringing Luther back dead or alive. He pursues him all the way to the Draracle's Chamber before being stopped by Jakel. When Kenneth insists that he must take him for Luther is an escaped prisoner, The Draracle reminds him of "his own moment of sanctuary here" (implying Kenneth had a troubled past of his own) and assures that he and Luther will see each other again. In a huff, he leaves, but not before yelling back to Luther that he can have his guarantee on that.

Kenneth and his men make their way to the Southern Continent and stand guard across the River Bane of the Huline Jungle. Baccata, a Talamari and officer of Gladstone is also in the area assisting his mistress Dawn in an urgent matter and will attempt to arrest Luther before being asked for clemency. Assuming Luther upholds his end of the bargain and remains on friendly terms with the Huline, Baccata will accompany Luther across the bridge to the Savage Jungle, where Kenneth's men stand ready to arrest him but are told to stand down. Before long, an army of Hive Warriors appears out of the Jungle and destroys the bridge, forcing Baccata and the men to leave with their boats. As Luther enters the territory of the Wild Ones, Kenneth, coached down behind some bushes on the far side, remains undeterred, convinced the "spiders" were but a clever ruse and continues his pursuit.

Kenneth is last seen dead lying on the floor of a frozen cave high in the Claw Mountains leading to the Ru-Loi Citadel, either the victim of hypothermia or a frozen dinner for some hungry Sabre-Toothed Cerberus Tiger. In his hands lies grasped a picture of his beloved, which secretly contains Kenneth's Charm.

Later in the Ru-Loi Citadel itself, Luther can come across and free his enslaved paramour, who will immediately leave to go look for him, unaware of his demise.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kenneth is portrayed by Andrew Craig, who also portrays his imprisoned lover.
  • He is 5'11" tall and 300 lbs.[1]
  • The game manual, as well as several unused animations, imply that at one point it was planned for Luther to fight Kenneth in one-on-one combat, although ultimately this was never implemented in-game.

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