"Peasants! How dare you bother the master before placing an offering!"

Jakel is the assistant to The Draracle and main antagonist of Lands of Lore III.

Background[edit | edit source]

Anu traveled to the Northern Continent and built his new home in a set of limestone caverns beneath Mount Margor. He employed Skeletal Guardians from the nether realms to be trained in construction and domestic tasks. To oversee them, Anu created an entirely new kind of being - an architectural familiar whom he named Jakel. Jakel's entire existence was bound to serving and protecting the Draracle's chambers. Should the great structure collapse, so would Jakel. Should Jakel ever collapse, so would the great structure.

Over the centuries, word spread among the mortals about a strange and powerful being who possessed the gift of prophecy. The first visitors timidly approached Anu, seeking his advice and calling him "the Dragon Oracle". In time he was known simply as "the Draracle", and many spoke of his wonders. Humans, Gorkhas, Thomgogs, and Orcs streamed steadily to his chambers. Overseeing the parade and making sure each supplicant brought a suitable gift was Anu's faithful magical servant. He has since held this position for over twenty-seven epochs.[1][2]

During the events of the Nether Mask Conflict, the Champion and Baccata sought out the Draracle's Cave seeking a means to heal King Richard of Scotia's poison. Upon entering the chamber and approaching his master, Jakel admonishes them for not placing an offering before speaking to him and directs them to the altar: he'll accept either the Silver Goblet or a Jeweled Dagger. Afterward, The Draracle tells them only the Elixir of Tybal can cure Richard and can only be created in the White Tower. When Baccata asks for more specific information, Jakel rebukes him, claiming they must make another offering to know more, only for the Draracle to decline, insisting that fate has condemned him to answer their query in full. When the party leaves, Lora, the peasant girl from Grisbl, stays behind on Jakel's orders.

At the beginning of the Prophecy of Belial, Jakel interrupts The Draracle's after he receives a vision of a young Huline girl being attacked by a Hive Warrior and the awakening of Belial's mother-beast to which Jakel inquires what they have to fear from a dead God, where the Draracle's relays the events the preceded his execution and Jakel ponders what protection he'd offer to the mortals, telling Jakel of a man who's cursed with the power to oppose him. When Luther eventually makes his way to the Draracle's Chamber with Kenneth and his guards in tow, Jakel appears and demands them to leave but Anu allows Luther to stay, although he has no offers. Should Luther return after being sent to the Southern Continent, the Draracle will question why and ask Jakel if he did not set the Shining Path, to which Jakel insists he has and that Luther is ungrateful and squanders his assistance. After sending Luther back out, this is the last seen of Jakel for the rest of the game.

By Game[edit | edit source]

The Throne of Chaos[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]


The ChampionExcuse me, we are seeking a cure for King Richard of Gladstone.
JakelPeasants! How dare you bother the master before placing an offering!
Jakel: Go through the archway there, and place your trinket on the altar.

Approaching The Altar:

BaccataTo which trinket could he be referring?

Offering a random item:

BaccataI think they want a different offering.

Offering the Jeweled Dagger or Silver Goblet:

BaccataSplendid! Let us go now and get the Elixir.
The ChampionWe are seeking a cure for King Richard of Gladstone.
The DraracleI am aware of that.
The Draracle: Only the Elixir of Tybal can cure Gladstone's monarch. Ingredients are everywhere, but the Elixir you seek can only be created in an ancient white tower.
Baccata: I say! Could you be a bit more specific?
JakelThe Master has spoken! If you want more information you must present another gift.
The Draracle: No! I will answer their query. Fate has condemned me to this course and along its path I must tread.
The Draracle: You must obtain four special trophies.
The DraracleFirst, you must butcher the creature whose flesh has never lived. Next, you must see the sweetness of your enemy. Your third ingredient must be collected from the deadly depths. Lastly, You will need powders taken from the heart of your mother. This has been inscribed on a scroll for you.
The Champion: Thank you.
JakelThe Master has spoken! You must leave now!

Additional dialogue in case Lora joined the Champion's party:

LoraHi, I'm Lora, you know, from Grisbl? Where do I go now?
JakelWhen your companions are finished, you shall wait here.
The ChampionWell, so long Lora. Best of Luck to you.
LoraThank you very much for your assistance. All Grisbl owes you a debt of gratitude for leading me through those dreadful caves.

Guardians of Destiny[edit | edit source]

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III[edit | edit source]

Journal Description[edit | edit source]

A shadowy figure composed of seemingly empty robes, Jakel has served the Draracle for eons.

In Combat[edit | edit source]

Jakel will summon phantom versions of himself to impede Copper on the way to the Draracle's Chamber. When these are defeated, he will be found in the final room guarded by six giant Skeletal Guardians. Jakel is rendered invulnerable until these Guardians are defeated. Finally, Jakel himself must be faced and will hover around the room casting an endless barrage of spells. Jakel is immune to Banish, storm crystals, freezing, stoning, all poisons, and Life Drain. Other magical and physical attacks only do half damage, and physical weapons that normally would bypass protection and resistances won't harm him.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]


Draracle: All is ready for my departure.
Draracle: Place the Seal after I have passed through the Shining Path, and all my magics will cease to exist on this mortal plane.
Jakel: All your magics?
Draracle: Goodbye Jakel.

Copper Meets Jakel

Jakel: Halt! Who dares approach the mighty Draracle without an offering?
Copper: Offering? Oh, uh, don't people usually just find something in the caves?
Jakel: Why yes, sure. Didn't you find anything in the caves then? A jeweled blade, or perhaps a golden flask?
Copper: Well, no, nothing.
Jakel: Hmm, these are diffficult times.
Copper: Couldn't I see him anyway?
Jakel: See who? ..Oh! HIM! Are you sure you don't have anything to give? It's been a very slow month. I'm sure he'll take just about anything.
Copper: I'll bring something back, how's that?
Jakel: Well, okay. You stand there, and I'll arrange for an audience. Oh, and what's your name?
Copper: Tell him Copper LeGre is here to see him.

Impersonating the Draracle

Jakel: Cupola. Cupola Gray. What question do you have for the mighty Draracle?
Copper: Uh.. Rift Hounds stole my soul, and I'd like to know how to get it back.
Jakel: Rift Hounds? Are there open portals nearby?
Copper: Well, there's one I know about.
Jakel: Very interesting. Thank you, and goodbye.
Copper: Wait! What should I do?
Jakel: Oh, yes. Cupola Gray, you must seek out the sting of Honey, the Heart of your Enemy, ... the...
Jakel: Milk of Kindness. These things will guide you.
Copper: Hey you, behind the curtain.
Jakel: Oh great! This is all I need! Now you, don't you even think about telling anybody about this. This theatre is entirely for the benefit of the mortals, and we don't need someone destroying their dreams.
Jakel: What was I supposed to do? How would you like to wake up one morning to find out that the position you've held for twenty seven epochs does not exist anymore, except that the customers keep coming? Somebody has to service them, and who better than me?

Copper: I guess this means I'm off the hook on the offering thing.
Jakel: Swear secrecy for me. I do not do this for my own pleasure you know. I do this for the mortals.
Copper: Do what? Where's the Draracle?
Jakel: My master has decided to depart this mortal realm. I am staying behind to continue the counsel, guidance, and other services that my master used to provide. Can you imagine of the mortals had to guide themselves? Ha!

If Copper hasn't visited the Draracle yet

Copper: I see. And where us the real Draracle?
Jakel: I don't know. Gone. And I suppose you should too. Don't come around here again. It wouldn't be good for my customers to hear anything they don't need to hear.
Copper: If the Draracle's not here, I can't think of a reason to remain myself.
Jakel: Good. Goodbye.
Jakel: Get out of here as quickly as you can then.
Jakel: Use the transportation portal outside the Throne Room.
Jakel: It will take you to the cave entrance quickly.


Jakel: What are you doing back here? I thought we agreed you were going to stay away from here.
Copper: That's not what I remember us agreeing to, but whatever.

After visiting the Draracle

Copper: I found the Draracle in the Volcano World, and he has explained the problem.
Copper: He says the mirror in the 'Shining Path' must have shattered, and must be repaired in order to prevent the frozen world from leaking into ours. And he says there will be more rips and tears too.
Copper: I'm supposed to go back in his chambers and look for a handle called the Golden Sigil that I can use when I find the missing pieces of mirror.
Jakel: Well, that's certainly one theory I suppose. This was the Draracle you say you saw? You're not just trying a perverted joke at my expense?
Copper: This is no joke, and I guess I need to close the portals to be able to rejoin my soul, if I ever find it.
Jakel: You know, this is all quite a large undertaking for a boy your age. Why don't you get some of the people of Gladstone to help you?
Copper: Except for Dawn, I'm afraid the people of Gladstone don't take me seriously. Maybe they think I'm just a boy imagining all this.
Jakel: Well then, you know what you should do is go out in the woods and battle the fierce creatures here in bare-handed combat. I'm sure the citizens would respect you then. You go do that, and I';ll rummage around and see if I can find that Golden thing for you.
Copper: Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to look for the Sigil myself.
Jakel: Fine. See if I give my advice anymore. I've only been serving an immortal god for several eons. No reason you should listen to MY advice. What would I know?

If touched

Jakel: Please. I'm really not used to too much of that.

Returning after recovering the Sigil

Jakel: Cupola! What are you doing here? I haven't found that sigil for you yet though. You'd better leave, and I'll bring it to you.
Copper: I've already found the Sigil.
Jakel: Well! I certainly do not appreciate your undermining my efforts at being helpful!
Jakel: You'd better give me the Sigil, for safekeeping.
Copper: Sorry, I think it's stuck in my jerkin.
Jakel: Good bye.

Returning from the Volcanic Caves

Copper: Wow, that was quite a ride!
Jakel: Well, you are dealing with Ancient Magic, you simpleton. I don't know what you expected.
Copper: Jakel. Nice to see you again.
Jakel: Cupola. Nice to see you too.
Copper: You know, my name's Copper.
Jakel: Of course it is. Excuse me if I've offended you by mispronouncing you name, but there's only one of me here, and I've got a whole lot of you to keep track of out there.
Copper: Ok, anyway, it looks like the mirror is going to hold onto that piece I brought back.
Jakel: Yes, it does look like you have begun to repair the Shining Path. I have to tell you though, I'm not at all sure that's a good idea.
Copper: What?
Jakel: It's just so potentially dangerous you know. Every time one of you mortals starts monkeying around with Ancient Magic, who knows what could happen? Look what happened to that sorceress that called herself Scotia!
Jakel: If you'll take my advice, you'll look for your soul or whatever, but you'll stop trying to bring little pieces of a broken mirror back here. It could be quite dangerous!
Copper: Are you sure? I thought I had to fix the mirror to have a chance of getting my soul back.
Jakel: Oh? Well perhaps you misunderstood him. In every other case I've ever seen like this, the person got their soul back as soon as they found it.
Copper: Well, okay.
Jakel: I must ask that you leave by another route this time.
Jakel: We are doing repair work in the main caves you know.
Jakel: Here, use this door.
Jakel: For someone who's worried about his missing soul, you waste a lot of time in here.

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References[edit | edit source]

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