The Huline Jungle is a location in Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny. A wild and dense maze like environment of trees and foliage, it lies nestled deep within the Southern Continent and is home to the race of feline-humanoids known as the Huline.

Map Key[edit | edit source]

  1. Start
  2. Village Gate and the Villager
  3. Kit’yara’s Hut
  4. Thorn Maze
  5. Entrance to the Hive Caves
  6. Lizard Exit from the Hive Caves
  7. Quicksand Bridge – upon approach Luther will transform into a Beast and attempting to the cross the bridge will cause it to break under his weight.
  8. Chay Ar Monastery
  9. Exit from the Dark Halls
  10. Huline Village; inaccessible until Shalla is rescued
  11. Water Spout in the Northern River – destroying this will increase Luther’s level and dry out the ravine, grant access to a Lizard Tunnel
  12. Lizard Tunnel in the Northern River
  13. Middle River Waterfall; lightning crystal and the “Dracoid Wrath” Speaking Stone
  14. Imp Shrine
  15. Exit from the Imp shrine
  16. Lizard Tunnel from the Imp Shrine Area
  17. Bane River
  18. Bridge; destroyed after after crossing with Baccata or defeating the Gladstone Guards
  19. Entrance to the Savage Jungle; a Tuani warrior initially stands guard and refuses entrance
  20. Small Lizard cave; 5 cave aloe and 4 rocks
  21. Aloe bushes
  22. Ironwood Trees
  23. Bee Hive, contains wax
  24. Baccata will appear here after completing the Huline Ruins
  25. Kityara will appear here after completing the Huline Ruins, assuming she’s alive.
  26. Dark Halls
  27. Recipe Scroll
  28. Summon Scroll

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