Guilds are joinable factions in Lands of Lore III. Each confers a different sets of skills and bonuses as Copper advances through their ranks. They also offer a wide variety of Guild Quests to be completed, as well as access to special vendors.

Iron Ring[edit | edit source]

Iron Ring Icon.png

The Iron Ring is Gladstone's largest guild. Its members are skilled in using all sorts of weapondry and place the highest value on using arms in combat. Its large membership is due, at least in part, to the membership of Gladstone's many guards.

Familiar: Lig


Guild Rankings & Abilities:

  • Crown Servant
    • Mighty Blow: You can open chests, doors and other things with your fist. If you fight with your bare hands, your damage will be doubled.
  • Aide de Camp
    • Marksmanship: You can open a frame on the screen that allows you to zoom on the cursor's position.
  • Grand Blade
    • Rapid Strike: The time you need to strike again with your weapon will be reduced.

Talamari[edit | edit source]

Talamari Icon.png

Although the Talamari is Gladstone's smallest guild, its members' education levels and raw power render it by far the most influential. Because it deals with nature's most primal and destructive forces, requirements for membership in the Talamari are very strict. When you join, you must vow to make defending Gladstone your primary task.

Familiar: Griselda


Guild Rankings & Abilities:

  • Court Apprentice:
    • Arcane Lore - Reduces the Mana cost of using offensive spells. If you get more experience, the costs will be reduced more and more.
  • Court Wizard:
    • Identify. You can get more information on objects.
  • Crown Wizard:
    • Mana Tap. You can tap mana from the environment to restore your own mana pool.

Bacchanal[edit | edit source]

Bacchanal icon.png

The Bacchanal isn't a true guild, but rather a collection of people who share a core system of beliefs. These are the dregs of society - the underclass. The Bacchanal thrives on thievery and deception; it's members become adept at picking pockets and locks.

Given Copper's noble heritage, the Bacchanal might seem an odd choice for membership, but his halfbreed bloodlines and illegitimate status have kept him an outcast his whole life. Also, having friends in low places can be very useful for a future king.

Familiar: Syruss


Guild Rankings & Abilities:

  • Tinker:
    • Steal - This ability allows you to steal from people and shops. You have a bigger chance of stealing when your victim doesn't look. You can try this in shops, but you risk you won't be able to buy anything else in the future if the shopkeeper catches you. Simply place the item in your inventory and walk out.
    • Backstab - You can do serious damage with backstab. This means you take out someone from behind. The protection of the victim will be halved if you perform this.
    • Pick Lock - Each lock has a certain level (how strong or how difficult the lock is). If you're guild level rank is equal or higher to the lock's level, you can open it.
  • Bobbin:
    • Sniper - This ability allows you to target enemies from distance allowing you to do more damage. You must bind a key on the keyboard to this action.
  • Locksmith:
    • Death Strike - You will have experience with creatures and learn how to take out enemies with only one hit, once you learn of their weak spot.

Order of the Finch[edit | edit source]

Order of the Finch icon.png

Perceived as passive, peaceful, and wholly benevolent, the Order of the Finch is the guild for Gladstone's Clerics and healers. Although the Clerics are generally peaceful, they aren't averse to bashing a few heads when the need is evident. Priest and doctor for the Upper Gladstone populace, the Order of the Finch has a reputation for promoting freedom of thought, and the welfare of the community is a primary concern. It won't tolerate irresponsible aggression.

Familiar: Goldy


Guild Rankings & Abilities:

  • Acolyte:
    • Spirit Lore. Reduces the Mana cost of using defensive spells. If you get more experience, the costs will be reduced more and more.
    • Herb Lore. This ability allows you to immediately identify pharmacopeias items and combinations.
  • Seeker:
    • Holy Strike. Allows you to deal double damage to unholy creatures.
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