The Gorkha Swamps are home to the Gorkha, a race of sentient salamander-like people. During the Nether Mask Conflict, the Champion traveled here in pursuit of the lost Ruby of Truth and to acquire ingredients for the Elixir of Tybal. It is located between Opinwood and Upper Opinwood in the Northlands.

Map Key[edit | edit source]

  1. Chest: Dagger "Assassin", oil flask.
  2. Chest: Axe "Splitter", Duble Ring, salve.
  3. Dwarvish Shield.
  4. Bronze horseshoe.
  5. Stone Idol: Ba'Del the Healer: Place an item in his mouth, click the nose, and Ba'Del will heal the party. Your item will be kept as payment.
  6. Bow "Scout".
  7. Staff "Beater".
  8. Stone Idol: Ra'Tol the Fortunate. Place an item in her mouth, click the nose, and the item will be replaced by a purse of 60 Silver Crowns.
  9. Glint mail.
  10. To Opinwood.
  11. To Upper Opinwood.
  12. Witchdoctor: The Witchdoctor specializes in solving riddles. If you click the Riddle Scroll on him, he will solve one of the four Draracle riddles for 100 silver crowns. (The answer will be written on the scroll.) Also, the Witchdoctor will sell you Fireball wands at 300 silver crowns each. If you have made war with the Gorkha, the Witchdoctor will not deal with you.
  13. Gorkha Chieftan: The Ruby of Truth is in the chieftain's possession, the Gorkha having taking it from the band of Orcs crossing the Swamp. He will ask to trade for it, and you must pick an item and click it on the Chieftain as if to give it to him. The Chieftain will refuse your initial offer because he is no fool. He knows you want the Ruby, and is willing to trade for a Ceremonial Mask, which is carried by one of the Hurzels in the Swamp. You have the option of stealing the Ruby, attacking, or accepting the quest. If you have a high Rogue skill, your chances of sneaking the Ruby out are greater. If you aren't so slick, however, the Gorkha will wage war against you. (Remember what they did to those Orcs!) Choosing to attack will have obvious results. You will have to fight the Gorkha in addition to the rest of the Swamp denizens. You can get the Ruby by killing the Chieftain. If you accept the quest, you have to hunt down the tree-like Hurzels and kill them all. One will be carrying the Ceremonial Mask. Return this to the Chieftain, and you will be named Heroes of the Swamp and given the Ruby.
  14. Gorkha Fletcher: A variety of bows are available here. He will also buy weapons from you. If you are at war with the Gorkha, he will not deal with you.
  15. Gorkha Blacksmith: a variety of weapons are available here. He will also buy weapons from you. If you are at war with the Gorkha, he will not deal with you.

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