The Gorkha (also spelled Ghorka) are a race of short sentient salamander-like people inhabiting the Gorkha Swamps in the lower Northlands. They are excellent warriors, especially when fighting in their native swamps. While fierce in combat, they are actually quite civil creatures, their love of trade well known amongst peddlers.[1] They're particularly susceptible to impaling damage but boast strong resistances to magic attacks.[2] Their traditional weapon of choice is the trident.[3]


To Hit Dodge Attack Speed Magic
100 50 100 0
Armor Factor Hit Points Experience
15 80 85

Known GorkhaEdit


  • The Gorkha were one of the first races that came into contact with and sought consul from the Draracle.[4]
  • The powerful healing remedy known as Salve is a secret Gorkha recipe.



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