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Gladstone Guards are enemies initially encountered in the Draracle's Cave. Lead by their captain Kenneth, they pursue Luther throughout the dank caverns. Compared to their counterparts in Throne of Chaos and III, they are quite a bit less formidable and easily dealt with, although they have a tendency to knock the currently equipped weapon out of Luther's hands. In Beast Form they will run and cower at Luther's approach and have a habit of standing in highly flammable tar pits. One can be easily killed by striking the fountains around a whirlpool, flushing them down.

Later, after Luther has accomplished all he can in Huline Jungle and must seek out the ancient Huline Temple, the guards stand ready at the entrance to the Savage Jungle to capture him. If Luther has a positive relationship with Baccata up until this point, they will stand down and eventually leave with him to find Dawn. Otherwise, he will be forced to fight with them once more.

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Note: The guard's equipment differentiates between each of them.

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