Lord Geron Arbroath[1] or Jeron Couchon[2] is King Richard's Royal Chancellor, a member of the Royal Council in Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos, and a minor antagonist in Lands of Lore III.

Background[edit | edit source]

According to Geron, his family arrived on Wheaton Point seven years prior to the first LeGré. Despite faithfully serving his King for the past three decades, he had always harbored a secret resentment, as his family were the previous rulers of Gladstone before House Chevres took power and were ultimately usurped by Richard's grandfather Blaise LeGré.[3][4][5]

During the Nether Mask Conflict, he appeared aloof and short-tempered with the king's Champion, the huline Kieran, refusing to assist him beyond signing the Writ of Passage and failing to heed the Champion's warnings of the witch Scotia and her transformative abilities, even while her crow form just moments ago landed upon his very window. In the wake of King Richard's poisoning at her hands, he contributed a portion of his mana to the protective magical shroud created by Dawn along with the other councilors, though notably not as much as the others. He bemoaned how she managed to get past Gladstone Keep's defenses, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the Nether Mask had given her this power. He received a Pyramid Key along with the others that would unlock the protective shroud once a cure had been found. While Kieran and Baccata sought out The Draracle, they returned to find the Keep decimated, Richard kidnapped and the royal council having fled across Lake Dread to the City of Yvel. Upon meeting with Kieran again he assisted in solving part of the Riddle Scroll, correctly identifying the powders taken from the heart of your mother referred to Earth Powder which could be purchased from Sadie's apothecary, but arrogantly demanded that the Champion turn over the Elixir to him personally after they had been acquired. He refused to hand over his pyramid key until Dawn had been located and brought to Yvel, which Kieran and his companions attempted to do only to find that Scotia had already gotten to her first, killing the caravanner Droek and taking Dawn hostage. Upon their return, the city of Yvel was under siege by the forces of the Dark Army and he ordered the party to defend it while he and the city council locked themselves away. After the Champion succeeded in infiltrating Castle Cimmeria, rescuing Richard, and killing Scotia, he rode with King Richard back to Gladstone and was present at the ceremony commemorating Kieran's efforts, declaring "A luckier adventurer Gladstone never saw."[6]

During the events of the Prophecy of Belial, Geron had apparently taken an active role in ensuring the imprisonment of Luther, the son of Scotia, for the crimes of his mother. However, this was met with suspicion by Dawn and was done seemingly without Richard's knowledge or approval.[7][8]

Overtime, Geron had seemingly reached his breaking point and carried his indignation at his position with him openly. After the death of Eric the White and his sons Mark and David to a pack of Rift Hounds, he hoped that the throne may finally come to him upon Richard's passing and was infuriated by the presence of Copper whom he saw, ironically, as a threat to Gladstone and potential usurper. He at some point began a love affair with the recently widowed Dame LeGré and conspired in secret to have Copper arrested and tried on the death of his father and two half-brothers, however unsuccessfully. While searching the Keep, Copper discovered a secret chamber behind the bookshelf of Geron's offices that lead down to a room behind the main hall with eyes cutout from Richard's portrait, allowing him to spy upon the king at his discretion. After the Portal Crisis had reached its apex and plunged Gladstone into chaos, he barricaded the door to Gladstone Keep from its citizens seeking shelter. When Copper found Richard, gravely injured after battling the Ru-Loi that came through the portals, he gave him a special King's Writ to be presented to Lord Geron allowing Copper access to his personal library and armory. Upon being given the writ, however, Geron tore it up, calling Richard a delirious fool who was close to death and that Gladstone would need sane men to guide it. His ultimate plans were revealed by a personal letter sent to him by Carmen in her butler Peter's possession, who praised his intention to abscond with the Gladstone royal jewels and found a new kingdom with her at his side.

After Copper successfully conquered the final portal world of the Shattered Desert and defeated Jakel in the Draracle's Cave, he managed to escape the collapsed cavern just in time to find the traitorous councilor making off with the royal jewels, including the Ruby of Truth, in hand. After confronting him and suggesting they return to Gladstone to see if Richard yet lived and await his judgment, he pulled out his knife and attempted to kill Copper before being swiftly and justly ended.[9][10]

In Combat[edit | edit source]

Geron can be encountered as the "final" boss for Copper to overcome in Lands of Lore III, although he need not be confronted in order to win and is entirely optional. Walking right past him into the woods will immediately end the game. If confronted and spoken to, he will attack after the final line of dialogue. He can be followed, however after he reaches a certain point he will simply turn and attack Copper regardless.

At close range, he has a very weak melee attack that deals insignificant damage, but at range will cast the powerful spells Blizzard, Greater Blades, and Blade Turret, along with Greater Heal. Nevertheless, with Copper's extensive arsenal of weapons, spells and, skills, taking on Geron by this point should prove a wholly trivial challenge.

Once slain, he drops the Ruby of Truth, although it serves little function beyond this point.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Throne of Chaos[edit | edit source]

Introduction cutscene:
Geron: My liege, it is as we feared. Scotia has uncovered the temple and will have the Nether Mask soon.
Richard: We must be ready for her. She will come here first.
Geron: But Richard, what worry have we here at Gladstone? Surely we can arrange a defense against any charade.
Richard: The Mask is not a toy! The time has come and I have no choice. I must destroy her now!

At the Throne Room:
Richard: I tell you we must march with whatever troops can be gathered locally!
Geron: Isn't Eric mustering his White Army? Have we lost all confidence in our own military capabilities?
Richard: Eric is the finest commander in the kingdom. But, he is a five day march from here!
Dawn: As long as we have our own magic, I really don't see where we need more than the defenses we already have in place.
Richard: Scotia is not an adversary to be taken lightly!
Richard (As soon as he notices the Champion): Ah, [Champion]. Because of the threat from Scotia, I now have an urgent need for the Ruby of Truth. Please retrieve it from Roland's estate in the Southland and return it to Gladstone.
Richard: Here is a key to my private library. Among the books you will find a Magic Atlas that should be of assistance on your journey.
Geron: Come by my office before you leave the Keep. I'll give you a Writ that will identify you as being on official business for his Highness.

At Geron's Office:
Geron: (Entering): Oh, it's you. The impending storm attracts all you would-be heroes.
Geron: Now, I suppose you want your writ.
Geron: (After a crow landed at his window): Look, even the beasts seek shelter.
Geron: (Leaving): If you need help, mayhap that rascal Timothy is at the Grey Eagle!

Approaching Geron:
Geron: What are you waiting for? Begone!

Interacting with random items:
Geron: If I want you to touch something of mine, I'll ask you.

Interacting with the maps:
Geron: Use your own maps. Those are mine!

Offering a random item:
Geron: Why would I want that?

Getting back to Gladstone Keep after seeing Scotia in the Northland Forest:
Geron: Why are you back here so soon? The King will be most displeased!
The Champion: I have just seen Scotia! She turned into a bird and flew away!
Geron: What? The King sends you on an important task and you return here telling stories! Our security will never let her in!

Geron: Get out! Do not return without the Ruby.

After King Richard's poisoning:
Geron: This has to be the work of Scotia! But how did she manage it?
Geron: How did she get inside the keep? We change our passwords frequently!

At Yvel's Council in Yvel City:

After The Defeat of Scotia and The Return of King Richard:
Richard: Congratulations!
Richard: You have served me well.
Geron: A luckier adventurer Gladstone never saw!
Dawn: It has been a pleasure serving with you.

III[edit | edit source]


Copper: Excuse me, but do you know when my uncle intends to return here?
Jeron: Why if it isn't the boy murderer.
Jeron: You have some nerve showing your face around here. Only the tears of Mistress Dawn prevented me from jailing you before now. But do not worry. I will get you. If his Highness does not return within three days I can sign your arrest warrant myself.
Copper: And if I prove my innocence?
Jeron: Do not insult me boy. Your brazen attempt to forward you own fortunes and approach closer to the throne of Gladstone is too obviously a fraud. Don't try to pretend that you didn't know your murderous rampage would leave Gladstone without an heir!
Copper: Some say I'm the heir now.
Jeron: Oh, please! You!? The heir!? Your claim is laughable!
Copper: I am a LeGre. My father publicly acknowledges siring me.
Jeron: Your father? The great hero Eric, brother to the king? We all know the years of war tool their toll on Eric, and whether he made a mistake late in life by enjoying a late fling, or by bringing false witness doesn't matter. The future of Gladstone does not include you boy. The people will not stand for it!
Copper: You don't like me, do you?

Meeting with King Richard

Jeron: Guards! Stop this man!
Jeron: Oh...you! How did you get in here?
Copper: I understand my uncle is here, and I'm going to see him. Somebody has to tell him about these portals! The leaking from these other dimensions could destroy the kingdom!
Jeron: I'm sorry. Eric, whom you claim as your supposed father, was a great citizen, but that does not give every bastard claimant the right to barge in here and disturb his highness! Besides, a more credible rumor says your so-called portals are nothing more than the work of the ever present sorcerers of the Dark army. And if then we are about to again go to war, we do not have time to explore every strange phenomenon that some farmer saw!
King Richard: Jeron.
Jeron: Yes, my liege.
King Richard: Is that my nephew Copper I hear out there?
Jeron: He was just leaving sire.
King Richard: Nonsense! Send him in!
Jeron: Two minutes, and don't bother him with your wild theories about other dimensions!


Jeron: Sire? Are you through? We do have pressing business.
King Richard: I supposed you're right.
King Richard: Well, goodbye for now Copper, but return soon. I'll prepare the army, but I'd like to be kept abreast of your progress as well.
Copper: I will sir. Thank you.
Jeron: Come along, I'll show you out.
Jeron: You had your meeting with the king, now get out!

Meeting in his office afterwards

Copper: Did you have an underprivileged childhood, are your shoes too tight, or what?
Jeron: If it isn't the bad penny. I'm glad to see you had a nice talk with his highness, but don't get any ideas that your crimes are forgotten. A special enquiry will be held soon, and we'll be able to show Richard the evidence he hasn't seen yet. That should convince him of your guilt.
Copper: Speaking of guild, as councilor, aren't you supposed to be in charge of maintaining the safety of Gladstone? And if there was a large threat against Gladstone, and you failed to do anything about it, wouldn't you be guilty. Dereliction of duty, treason, incompetence at least?
Jeron: Oh piffle! Rift hounds, and creatures from other worlds indeed! You can stop mumbling about your mythical portal dangers because nobody is listening. We have more important matters with which to concern ourselves.
Copper: What say we shake hands and start over again as friends. We both have Gladstone's best interests at heart don't we?
Jeron: Come now, let's not pretend we're friends. If I ever get the chance to kill you, I'll gladly do so with my own bare hands. It is you and your kind that is ruining Gladstone and everything it stands for.
Copper: Well okay then. I don't supposed it could be much clearer than that.

During the Portal Crisis

Copper: Hello. Samuel?
Jeron: I should have known it would be you. Go away. You've caused enough trouble already.
Copper: My god, have you seen what's happened out here? And where is everybody?
Jeron: Those left alive are hiding here inside the Keep, but I'm very sorry, we are quite full, and there is no room left. You'll have to leave.
Copper: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I've got a writ here from my uncle. You are to help me in any way you can.
Jeron: You uncle has been wounded in battle just as I predicted. he ignored my advice, so who cares what the delirious fool scribbled on his deathbed. In the future, Gladstone will need sane men to guide the kingdom. now, if you can't see, we've got our hands full here!

Before post-credit fight

Copper: Going on a trip Lord Jeron? I would have thought you'd have better luggage.
Copper: Those look an awful lot like the Gladstone crown jewels.
Jeron: They are the jewels you, you usurper you! And they are rightfully mine! My family was here seven years before the first LeGre ever landed on Wheaton Point.
Jeron: With these jewels the flame of true Gladstone will burn again in another place, away from the foul stench that has enveloped this evil site.
Copper: Oh, I see, you're stealing them for patriotic reasons. I don't know, I don't agree with you, but it would take a certain gall on my part to just presume that I'm right and you're wrong. Let's go back and see if my uncle yet lives, and let him decide.

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