The Draracle's Caves are a location in Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos on the border of Gladstone in Mount Margor. Initially magically sealed, the Champion and Baccata must brave it's depths to seek council from The Draracle, an ancient and mysterious being with the gift of foresight who may be King Richard's only hope to discovering a cure to his nefarious malady at the hands of the wicked Scotia. In addition to it's population of hostile beasts, the tunnels are home to various deadly traps that must be circumvented, as well as great treasures for any would-be spelunker.

Map Key[edit | edit source]

Level 1[edit | edit source]

  1. To the Northlands.
  2. Lantern (but only if you don't already have one from the Thugs Cave).
  3. Lever toggles open/shut the passageway at 4.
  4. Wall becomes a passageway at 4.
  5. These buttons control the movement of the pits to the northeast. To open a path, first press the blue (east) button, then green (south), then red (west).
  6. Pressure plate, wile depressed, opens the door at 7.
  7. Door, opened by the depressed pressure plate at 6
  8. Lockpicks, ginseng, oil flask.
  9. Pressure plate triggers darts shot from 10. Every time weight is taken off the plate, this trap resets, so place some item on the ground here before you step off the plate.
  10. Shoots darts westward when triggered by the pressure plate at 9.
  11. Crumbly wall to the south. To break open a passageway, use a sledge (from Draracle Caves, level 2).
  12. Trapdoor entrance from Draracle Caves, level 2.
  13. Oil flask
  14. Secret button opens a passageway at 15.
  15. Wall Becomes a passageway to progress to Draracle Caves, level 2.
  16. Pit.This is the only way to progress to Draracle Caves, level 2.
  17. After you visit the Draracle, this is the stairway from Draracle Caves, level 2.
  18. After you visit the Draracle, press the button on the west wall to open 19.
  19. Wall becomes a passage way by pressing the button at 18.

Level 2[edit | edit source]


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Sapphire Route[edit | edit source]


Level 3[edit | edit source]


Level 4[edit | edit source]


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