The Draracle's Caves are located near Gladstone in Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny. After Luther's daring escape from Gladstone Keep, he retreats here to seek out an audience with the Draracle with Kenneth and the Gladstone Guards hot on his heels.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Map Key[edit | edit source]

  1. Start
  2. Stalagmite
  3. Cave Aloe
  4. Entrance; attempting to leave this way will result in instant death accompanied with a unique cut-scene depending on Luther's condition
  5. Lizard Tunnel
  6. Curse Trigger - upon approach Luther will either transform into the Beast or Lizard, allowing him to move the boulder or pass through the tunnels respectively
  7. First encounter with Kenneth speaking to a guard
  8. Ruined pillars; must be pushed out of the way to proceed
  9. Whirlpool Room - destroying the fountains will cause a massive whirlpool that drowns a nearby guard, which increases Luther's Might by +1 level and drops a handaxe, halberd, and shield
  10. A chain in the wall of the Dark Army camp; destroying it opens the door to 11
  11. Ancient's Stone; in the pipe
  12. The Old Orc
  13. Room containing 2 Orc Shields and 2 Broken Maces; reached by stacking boxes
  14. Lava Room - contains several giant roachs that are immediately hostile; entering this area from either pathway triggers Luther's curse
  15. Oil Room - the guard standing in the middle can be set alight with a Spark spell, which increases Luther's Magic by +1 level and drops the Burnt Mail
  16. Bridge Control Room and Kenneth's second encounter - after a brief dialogue the gate closes behind Luther. Contains a Guardian Orb, Pyra Pod, Broken Mace and Light Crossbow
  17. Lever that opens the Bridge Control Room
  18. Bridge; destroying the chains holding it up will cause the pieces to drop into the water below. If Luther attacks the pillar on the other side near the chamber, another bridge will be formed from it's pieces
  19. The Draracle's Chambers

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