The Dracoid Cemetery is one of the few structures in the Savage Jungle and all that remains of the once proud Dracoid nation on the Southern Continent. Here, Luther much search the various tombs for answers to the past and eventually option the Silverleaf, a holy symbol of the Dracoid, in order to pass through to the Claw Mountains.

Map KeyEdit

  • 1. Entrance
  • 2. Teleporter to the Dracoid Ruins
  • 3. storage room - contains oil barrel; opened by switch in #12
  • 4. crypt - empty; opened with yellow orb
  • 5. cyrpt - open; catacombs entrance
  • 6. crypt - empty; opened with yellow orb
  • 7. graveyard
  • 8. crypt - empty; opened with yellow orb
  • 9. Dracoid statue
  • 10. crypt - contains the Crossbow Valkyrie; opened with blue orb
  • 11. Ak'Salar's tomb; initially buried until Luther brings Ka'Dan's ashes to him
  • 12. crypt - reveals entrance to another section of the catacombs after being destroyed by the oil barrel; opened with white orb
  • 13. Belial statue; activating the green gem fires a stream of fireballs
  • 14. crypt - contains secrete entrance to catacombs; mausoleum plates are trapped and create a lightning storm when destroyed. Contains the Dracoid dagger, three ironwood sap, five dragon's blood, five amber, three fire crystals, and two spark scrolls; opened with yellow orb
  • 15. crypt - alternative entrance to catacombs by interacting with hanging lantern
  • 16. Dracoid statue
  • 17. crypt - empty; opened with yellow orb
  • 18. crypt - empty; opened with yellow orb
  • 19. Ka'Dan's tomb; opened with blue orb
  • 20. graveyard
  • 21. crypt - contains Bezoar ring; opened normally
  • 22. crypt - contains Speaking Stone (Lamplight Stew Again?); opened normally
  • 23. crypt - contains five amber, a healing scroll and another Speaking Stone (Ruloi Abduction); opened with yellow orb
  • 24. crypt - empty; opened with yellow orb
  • 25. crypt - empty; opened with yellow orb


The Second SphereEdit

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