Dash is high-ranking member of the Bacchanal, the Gladstone Thieve's Guild chapter, and a good friend to Copper LeGré. He encourages Copper to seek out the mysterious faction and join them in his quest.

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When initially met

Dash: Copper. Are you alright?
Copper: Sure. I'm lucky, I'm guess. So what are you up here for?
Dash: Can't one friend be worried about another?
Copper: I appreciate your concern but I know something else is up. A gentleman like you does not live on good wishes. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to visit the Guild houses.
Dash: Ah, and that's exactly why I'm here this morning. The three Guildhouses up here are fine establishment, and membership will be a powerful help to you in Gladstone society. But you should know my friend, there is another way. A group of use who do not fit so nicely into the more conventional molds have formed our own association. We at the Bacchanal keen a low profile. You'll not find our door so easily, but your efforts will be well rewarded. And now I most go. They do not enjoy my type lurking around up here.
Copper: I know that feeling. But wait a minute, Where are you going? If I wanted to, how would I find your group?
Dash: Let's play a game Copper. Call it Hide and Seek. Find us, and we'll let you join!

Meeting later in the Sewers

Dash: Ah ha! A pleasure to see you so again soon Copper.
Copper: Well, I just wanted to see what all this 'other guild' stuff was about. And why you never told me before I can't understand.
Dash: Things have changed Copper. I am sorry about your father. Before, we didn't want to stain your reputation. Few of the folk in the Keep are fond of us. But now, we've decided you'd be better off with the skills we can teach you.
Copper: Alright then, let's go see this Bacchanal.
Dash: Patience Copper. Let's play a bit longer. Follow my marks well, and they'll lead you to our lair. Find us, and we'll let you join.
Copper: Mark away then. I won't be far behind.

Meeting inside Geron's chambers in Gladstone Keep

Copper: Dash, what are you doing in here?
Dash: What do you think? I'm looking for valuables. Jeron has too many, I have too few, therefore, I try to even things out.
Dash: Shh! You want to wake the guards?

Meeting outside of the Underworld

Dash: Here, take this clock key. It will be usefull in the world beyond. There are a lot of clocks down there.
Copper: Thanks, but isn't it a bit rude of me to just take the key from you and run. How have you been Dash? Been fishing at the pond lately?
Dash: Thanks, but you needn't try to carry on inane conversations with me just because I'm your friend Copper. I know the World's slipping into the latrine, and you've got your hands full. Take the key and get out of here.
Copper: Sure, but we should still be able to find time to smell the roses shouldn't we?
Dash: In case you hadn't noticed friend, even the flower don't smell that good these days. The stink of these portals is overpowering. Or is that Lord Jeron I smell? Any way, let's see you close these damn portals, then we'll talk about smelling roses.

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