The following is a list of creatures encountered in Lands of Lore III:

Human/Humanoid Enemies[edit | edit source]

Many of your enemies in Lands of Lore III will be a human, or at least humanoid. Although often they lack any inherent resistance to most of your magic, human and humanoid opponents will be among your most difficult. That's because they, too, can use armor and wield powerful weapons.

Beasts[edit | edit source]

Of course, many enemies are simply (or not-so-simply) animals. Although not generally gifted with much intelligence, beasts are still serious opponents. Often they attack without regard to their own safety, using their natural ferocity and weapons to slice opponents to ribbons.

Magical Enemies[edit | edit source]

Some creatures defy normal description. Their existence is enhanced or even caused by magical sources. Because this magic imbues the existence of these creatures, many are granted special resistance against physical attacks or magic. Of course, this magic also gives them particular susceptibilities as well. This must be exploited if you plan to survive your encounters with them.

Unique Monsters[edit | edit source]

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