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Celerian is a member of and quest giver for the Iron Ring.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The Wharf Rats[edit | edit source]

Conquering a Portal[edit | edit source]

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Left Room[edit | edit source]

Right Room[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Intro if joining later

Celerian: You must be Copper. I missed ya this mornin.
Celerian: Anyway, you come here to join the Iron Ring? I guess our guild makes them other sissy Guilds look pretty say huh?
Copper: And what do I have to do to join? Didn't you just want a coin from me as a pledge?
Celerian: You got it. Gimme a pledge, and yer practically in.

Starting "Conquering a Portal"

Celerian: Huh! So yer the big man now huh?
Copper: Say what?
Celerian: I heerd yer goin in and out of them different portal worlds like they was swiss cheese.
Copper: Well, I did visit one other world. And it was full of the kind of women you'd like Celerian.
Celerian: I been there, in the old days. Morrison says you found a new way to get there though. we used to have to use the tower near Yvel, and of course, we'd always lose a coupla guys in the dimensional flux. Been years since I been there.
Celerian: Well anyways, Chesara sez yer supposed to get yer next assignment now.
Copper: Finally.
Celerian: Chesara wants you to find out who's in charge in one of those worlds, and then use yer Gladstone fightin skills to make em heel.
Copper: Chesara wants me to conquer one of the Portal Worlds?
Celerian: That's what she said.
Copper: I don't suppose I get credit for the two I've already conquered?
Celerian: I don't think so Squirt. You already conquered two ya say? What are these worlds, Lands of the Dwarfs?
Copper: As always, you're support and confidence in me is overwhelming Celerian.
Celerian: Jes doin what I can, Squirt.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is voiced by Clancy Brown, who also voices the Draracle.
  • The name Celerian comes from the Latin root celer, meaning quick or agile. This is perhaps ironic, given that he is missing a limb and is never seen to get up from his stool the entire game.

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