"Get out of here! Why haven't the guards locked you up yet? Guards! Guards!"

Dame Carmen Chevres LeGré is the widow of Eric and step-mother of Copper LeGré. She gave birth to two sons, Mark and David, both of whom died along with Eric. She is distrustful of her step-son, considering him to be a potential rival for the throne of Gladstone.[1] Copper can visit her lodgings in Upper Gladstone, where she will angryly rebuke him before slamming the door in his face. After the Portal Crisis reaches Gladstone, she sent a letter to Geron Arbroath intercepted by Peter detailing his plans to acquire the jewels of Gladstone and leave with her to found a new kingdom with her as his lover and noble servant. While Geron is latter confronted by Copper fleeing into the Gladstone Woods, she is not seen nor heard from again.




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