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DIODRA DIODRA 20 November 2020

The Elder Scrolls: Lands of Lore MOD Project

Check out this link for more information about the project: The Elder Scrolls: Lands of Lore MOD Project

Lands of Lore is one of the best game series back in the 90s, so why don't we create a MOD which sounds like a remake for the game since The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim have already most of the game D&D similarities style.

Let us talk about the characters and races. Lands of lore have a race which is called Huline that is very similar to the Khajiit. Here are some of the characters in the first game of the series.

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Flops94 Flops94 17 November 2020

Special Hidden Items

A full list of Items for Lands of Lore 3

Barrack's Key

Skeleton's Key

2nd Tower Key

Eye of the Familar Spells

Earth Staff

Jeron's Writ


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Flops94 Flops94 28 October 2020

Scotia Doom Mod

Hello Lands of Lore Fans my name is Jonathan I am an Inheritor of the Earth and God has put me in charge of helping 

the Fans of Lands of Lore and Kyrandia and Eye of Beholder and Dungeon Myths by creating hope for the Fans of these beloved franchises. Now an 18 year old project has started called Scotia Doom Scotia Doom can be found on Google under Scotia Doom Mod feel free to update the project and use these levels whenever needed or wanted to build on you're own Doom 2 Wads and you're own worlds.

I also wanted to let you know that I write books and they are available on

Galaxy Wars Chronicle is a Star Wars Lands of Lore Combinated World Series

Chronicles of Lore is based on Lands of Lore and Kyranida

What if Adventures is a Star W…

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