The Birth Chamber is a location deep in the bowels of Belial's Laboratory where the unholy Belial awaits his ultimate resurrection and the final level of Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny. Gestating in the womb of the Mother Beast, Luther must expel his curse into her to bring about her unholy maternity and ultimately slay the newly born Ancient. This area also contains the three Empowerment Chambers Belial will make use of in preparation for this final confrontation, as well as a myriad of traps and obstacles to be overcome.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Third Sphere[edit | edit source]

Map Key[edit | edit source]

  1. Entrance.
  2. Womb of the Mother Beast ; Luther must use the Ancient Magic level spell "Expel Curse" on it to force Belial's rebirth.
  3. If Luther attempts to strike the womb with any other spell or weapon, the womb will shoot a fireball and these two "ovaries" will spawn Hive Guardians to attack him.
  4. First room. After Belial escapes, he summons three Imps to fight Luther.
  5. Stalagmite Doors - if Luther managed to hold on to three of these from the Draracle's Cave, he need only insert the Stalagmite into the near-by impression to pass through quickly. If not, Luther will need to bash the doors open instead.
  6. First Empowerment Chamber: Health - the first area Belial retreats to and used to increase Belial's maximum hit points. Proceeded by a fire disk trap, it is protected by a magical barrier, as well as Imp Lords to fight. Luther must destroy the crystal pylons above with a ranged weapon to bring it down and pass.
  7. Second Empowerment Chamber: Mana - a room of moving platforms, this is used to increase Belial's maximum mana. Depending on whether Luther has followed the Path of Good or Evil, he may be confronted with an Apparition of his deceased mother whom he will have to do battle against to proceed or by three of his Imp Lords. If Luther acquired the Ruby of Truth from Dawn earlier, this can be used to dispel Scotia instantly.
  8. These mana devices can be activated to increases Luther's maximum magick, provide Belial hasn't already absorbed them.
  9. Fireball trap - stepping on this plate trigger shoots a fireball from behind.
  10. Third Empowerment Chamber: Armory - This room is filled with numerous traps, including collapsing ceilings, flaming spears and icicle storms. Destroying the floating associated devices will disable them. If Luther is quick enough, he can obtain pieces of the Dragon armor set for himself and deny them to Belial in their final confrontation.
  11. Stone Device - use a physical attack to disable the collapsing ceiling.
  12. Fire Device - use a freezing spell (such as Mists of Doom) or freezing weapon (Great Bow Shard) to disable the flaming spears.
  13. Frozen Vapor Device - use a fire spell (such a Spark Spell under the effects of Pyra Pod) or fire weapon (Noble Valkyrie Crossbow) to disable the icicle storms.
  14. Dragonscale Armor - provided Luther is fast enough.
  15. Dragonscale Gauntlets - provided Luther is fast enough.
  16. Dragonfire Bracers - provided Luther is fast enough.
  17. Ring of Drake Fire - provided Luther is fast enough.
  18. If Luther is on the Path of Good, Belial will summon a hostile Apparition of The Draracle to stall him. If Luther is on the Path of Evil, Belial summons Scotia instead. Like before, if Luther acquired the Ruby of Truth earlier, this can be used to dispel him instantly.
  19. The final chamber - here Luther must face off against Belial in his final form in a duel to the death. If Luther is on the Path of Evil, he will have to face off against the true form of The Draracle afterwards as well.
  20. "Eyes of Belial" - these abominable floating creatures will cast plasma bolts at Luther from all sides during his fight. They cannot be harmed.
  21. Healing Pool - if Belial is badly damaged, he will make his way to this pool to recuperate. Luther can block the entrances to this pool (with Stone Cubes for example) or use it for himself should the fight carry on for long.

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